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Drone that carries a red epic

OCTO Heavy Duty

Developed and designed specifically for the high demands of the film industry.

CAMERA SYSTEM: Red Scarlet, Epic and ALEXA Mini, can fly any camera under 12 pounds.

RANGE: 1200ft out and 400ft high, range limited to FAA regulations.

GIMBAL: 3-axis Brushless System.

FLIGHT TIME: 10 minutes.

Live Video Feed: Yes

Drone that carries a GH4, Black Magic camera, C300

Quad Light Duty

Perfect for indie films, TV, commercial and industrial.

CAMERA SYSTEM: Fixed on board camera 4k, 1080. 20mm lens

RANGE: 1500 out and 400ft high.

GIMBAL: 3-axis Brushless System.

FLIGHT TIME: 15 minutes.

Live Video Feed: Yes

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About LA CopterCam

LA coptercam is a Louisiana Drone Video and Film company that technically started over seven years ago. When the vision of providing high production value at low cost through radio control planes and helicopters became a viable and realistic option for the entertainment and real estate industries. With over 20 years of flying experience and the ever-expanding technology of both smaller and lighter cameras, experimentation began for low-cost aerial photography. After a sufficient period of research and development, the decision was made in 2007 to purchase large-scale gas powered helicopters, capable of lifting 12 pound cameras.
While the helicopters supplied a WOW factor, the quality of footage was never satisfactory due to the size of the engine on a single rotor platform. Using a piston engine, vibration isolation became a full time job, and after 3 years and 5 helicopters, all the gas platforms were scrapped and the slate was wiped clean. With technology advancing in the electronic world and the ability to have GPS, waypoint navigation, and other safety features never available with gas, a custom octocopter was built and modified to get the footage you see today. LACopterCam, LLC officially launched in 2012, and has been committed ever-since to expanding it’s fleet and keeping up with the technical demands of the film industry.

Louisiana Drone Video & Film


LA CopterCam operates as a Louisiana Drone Video and Film company in New Orleans, LA and all over Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama. All of our equipment travels easily in pelican cases for those out-of-town shoots, and the entire team holds current passports. If you would like additional information or a custom quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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